Pearl Jam's upcoming album is titled 'Lightning Bolt'

Pearl Jam: Where to download the new album Lightning Bolt

Pearl Jam has released a new album called Lightning Bolt. It is their 1oth studio album in their long career and first since 2009. The album is headlined by the singles “Sirens” and “Mind Your Manners.” The reviews for the album have been positive for the most part.

Seattle based Pearl Jam was part of the launch of the grunge music movement in the early 90′s. Their first studio album, Ten, was one of the best of the decade in my opinion and it was Pearl Jam’s most commercially successful album. It wasn’t an immediate success and it took a while for it to climb the Billboard 200 chart, peaking at number two. The album is known for one of their more famous songs, “Jeremey.” It also included the singles “Alive” and “Even Flow.”

Just this year the album crossed the 10 million sales mark and was certified as 13x platinum bu the RIAA.

Where to download the new album, Lightning Bolt?

There are several options to download the new album if you don’t feel like going to the local music store or Best Buy. Of course the song is available via iTunes, a very traditional source for downloading music when it is released. You might not have known that it is available for download in MP3 format from as well.

For those looking for a discount, Amazon has it listed for download for $11.49 while it is on iTunes for $11.99, a small difference if it matters.

What is the track list?

1. “Getaway”
2. “Mind Your Manners”
3. “My Father’s Son”
4. “Sirens”
5. “Lightning Bolt”
6. “Infallible”
7. “Pendulum”
8. “Swallowed Whole”
9. “Let The Records Play”
10. “Sleeping By Myself”
11. “Yellow Moon”
12. “Future Days”

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