Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock recreate 'Big' piano scene (Video)

Tom Hanks is going around to promote his new film, “Captain Phillips,” but he couldn’t help but to tap in to his old arsenal to prove that he still has the skills from his early days as a star. If you remember the classic floor piano scene from “Big” with Hanks and Robert Loggia, then you will greatly appreciate what went down when Hanks made an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show.

Hanks, who is now 57 years old, took to the floor piano with the help of Sandra Bullock to recreate the “Big” scene and show off their chopsticks skills.

Surprisingly, the much older Hanks is still nimble on his feet and Bullock deserves some great props for being able to hop around in her high heels. Sure, Bullock was unable to complete the Chopsticks song and couldn’t split far enough in her little get up, but the effort was still pretty impressive.

At the very least, it was pretty entertaining to watch.

If you didn’t get to see Hanks and Bullock hopping around the floor piano to relive the good ole days, check out the video from their appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show below:

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