Western Kentucky strength and conditioning coaches break paddles on each other (GIF)

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Finally, we’ve hit that portion of the college football season where we no longer have to wait until Thursdays for our weekday game fix. Tonight, the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers and the ULL Ragin’ Cajuns hit the field for some Tuesday night Sun Belt football action.

The game is currently tied 13-13 at the half.

There hasn’t been much noteworthy action thus far in the first half, as it’s been pretty sloppily played. Actually, if anything the most entertainment so far has come from not the players on the field, but the coaches. In particular, it’s come from the Western Kentucky strength and conditioning coaches, Scott Wilks and Joe Miday.

During the broadcast, ESPN showed the unique–and borderline psychotic–way that the two get their players pumped to go knock some heads on the field.

Basically, in maybe one of the coolest rituals ever seen, the coaches urge the players to showcase their toughness on the field by displaying their own toughness–by breaking paddles over one another and themselves:


Well, that should certainly get you fired up to go out there and inflict some pain on an opposing player across from you. Or report your coaches to an insane asylum. Well, or both.

Whatever the case is, this is still awesome!

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