Will Ferrell dresses in full Trojan gear to lead the USC band (Video)

will ferrell usc trojans

USC alum and fan Will Ferrell is always finding new and creative ways to entertain fans just for the fun of it. While Ferrell was on campus Monday night, for a speaking engagement at the Lloyd Greif Center, an opportunity to show a little school spirit. The lights were off in the auditorium and some dramatic music is playing as stage crew scramble to remove furniture from the stage. You can almost tell that the crowd is filling with anticipation.

The curtains split open just a bit, enough to reveal a man dressed in the full Trojan gear facing away from the crowd, hands in the air. One of which is holding the sword. The curtains pull back the rest of the way to reveal the band you can already hear playing. That is when Will Ferrell leads the band as they march out on to the stage. As they get to the front, Ferrell re-creates the double-handed sword plunge into the ground. The crowd cheers and they all begin to sing Fight On while Ferrell takes a moment to show off his sick sword skills.

This video has just reinforced my belief that Ferrell is awesome. It almost looks like something out of Old School 2. Of course he has a new movie coming out and I’ve thoroughly been enjoying his Dodge Durango commercials as Anchorman 2 character Ron Burgundy.

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