Wolverine gets fired from X-Men by Professor X (Video)

wolverine fired from x-men

Ok, admittedly I don’t know a whole lot about the X-Men, but even with my minuscule amount of X-Men knowledge, this video of Wolverine getting fired from the X-Men by Professor X is hilarious. Almost everyone has been in this situation. Sitting in your boss’s office with an uncomfortable uncertainty of why you’re there. Then comes the bad news, and apparently Wolverine is just as prone to it as the rest of us normal people.

Professor X starts off with some compliments like “you’re everyone’s favorite,” before getting right down to it. He tells Wolverine very straight forward that he has decided to fire him, because he is worthless. He elaborates by saying that he is made of metal, “the substance that the one guy the X-men fight the most can manipulate with his mind.”

He then criticizes his super-powers by pointing out how close he has to be to someone to be effective. Wolverine points out that he is very fast, and X just sets up a hysterical hypothetical scenario on how that still doesn’t matter. They go back and forth for a little bit longer and it only gets funnier as X tries to get his point across to the dense Wolverine.

The video was made by Pete Holmes and uploaded to his YouTube channel. Pete Holmes has a show premiering on TBS on Monday, October 28th at midnight. After watching this he’ll surely have a lot of new viewers after this video.

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