Oct 12, 2013; Lubbock, TX, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders wide receiver Jakeem Grant (11) celebrates with wide receiver Derrick Edwards (19) after his touchdown catch against the Iowa State Cyclones in the first half at Jones AT

Are 16th ranked Texas Tech Red Raiders for real?

The Texas Tech Red Raiders are back! Or are they? They are certainly back in the national spotlight, that’s much is for sure, but have they done anything really?

Sure, they defeated TCU, but the Horned Frogs are without their quarterback and struggling worse than normal without him at the helm. Besides that, they’ve blown out SMU, Stephen F. Austin, Texas State and Kansas, while barely beating Iowa State by a touchdown over the weekend.

Personally, I think they are overrated. Not because of what they’ve done, but rather what they haven’t. For example in the above group of teams that put them at 6-0, there’s not a single winning record among them.

The second half of the season will show us what Tech is all about. West Virginia’s defense probably won’t be able to get it done this weekend, but No. 18 Oklahoma, No. 21 Oklahoma State, Kansas State, No. 12 Baylor and a resurgent Texas team await to end the season.

There’s no doubt that with a freshman quarterback and a suspect defense they could be underdogs in three of those games and if they come out of that final group with even a 3-3 record, they will have earned their ranking, although they would probably drop to somewhere between 21 and 25.

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  • MarkDuffman

    I tend to agree in some respects, but one thing I disagree on is your assessment that Texas Tech’s defense is “suspect”. In the past they’ve won games in shootouts, largely because their former coach Mike Leach was horrendous when it came to recruiting defensive players or even paying attention to defense. This current team has had playmakers on defense (probably because Tommy Tuberville put focus on recruiting defense), and their defensive line is the strength of their entire team. Of the 35 points they gave up to Iowa State, 21 points came directly off special teams miscues and turnovers deep in Tech territory (the yardage in this game was TT 666, Iowa state 317).

    They were picked low in the preseason, so I think they’ll lose a couple of games before the season is over. But the makeup of this team is far more balanced that anything they had during the Mike Leach era. Because of their personnel and new coaching staff (who else could make two true freshman QBs look as good as theirs have besides Kliff Kingsbury?), I think they are definitely for real and will become a true contender over the next few seasons.