Game of Thrones: Bad Lip Reading (Video)


Remember those “bad lip reading” guys? They did that famous NFL video where Adrian Peterson was really excited about getting an orange peanut. Well, they’re at it again. This time they’ve set their sights on the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. They’re calling it “Medieval Land Fun-Time World.”

They take clips of the show and piece them together to make it a trailer of sorts for a production about a medieval themed amusement park. Eddie is the manager of the theme park and wants to get the park running so he doesn’t have to return to “finger painting college.”

Unfortunately that means motivating a bunch of employees that work as hard as a bucket of apples. I like the storyline being added to it. It makes it certainly more interesting and entertaining.

It is also hilarious how they work in modern references, like being excited about walk mans, talking about Pokemon and grooving to “Kanye’s new stuff.” It also includes people screaming about beer and powder sugar and getting slipped kitten meat burgers.

This one, in my eyes is better than the NFL edition. And of course, it includes a long farting sequence.

What ever you do, don’t call it a renaissance fair, they don’t like that.

And of course, what movie isn’t complete with out an outtakes reel. The Bad Lip Reading included that as well.


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