How To Play Super Mario Brothers Online


It is hard to find a video game more iconic than Super Mario Bros. and fans of the classic game can now rejoice thanks to the ability to play the game online. The website Full Screen Mario has converted the game from console to HTML 5 to allow you to open up your web browser and enjoy the fun.

The site gives you the same feel that we grew to love during our early days as a Super Mario Bros. player, but there are also some nice additions.

You can customize levels thanks to the level editor that enables you to create maps for your enjoyment, but you can also play through the original levels by using your arrow keys to navigate. Creator Josh Goldberg has really done a heck of a job.

For the little kid in all of us, this is something that has been a long time coming.

There have always been ways to play old school games on your computer, but it involved downloading a few programs and needing to download each game individually, but Full Screen Mario brings the action directly to our web browser without missing a beat.

Be sure to check out Full Screen Mario to play the game and remember why we all love the classic game so much.

Just make sure that you don’t get caught enjoying the fun in the office.

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