Xiaomi Mi3 Smartphone sells out in 86 seconds


One of the top smartphone producers in China, Xiaomi, has had a major success with their new Mi3 smartphone. The company, which has been dubbed “The Apple of China,” was able to sell out the device in a whopping 86 seconds, according to the company’s Sina Weibo page.

Xiaomi had 100,000 units of the Mi3, but they didn’t last more than a minute and a half.

During the first half of 2013, the company racked up $2.5 billion in revenue. It is safe to say that coordinating their sales on Sina Weibo and releasing them in bulk has been an overwhelming success.

According to the most recent projections, Xiaomi is worth an estimated $10 billion.

All of the sales were pre-sales that took place online, so you can see that the demand for the new device was very high.

To add to their success, Xiaomi also released the MITV smart TV, which had 3,000 units, and they were all scooped up in just under two minutes — 1 minute and 58 seconds.

Xiaomi is a company that knows what they are doing, so there is no reason to believe that their success will slow down anytime soon. As long as they keep up their current business model, “The Apple of China” is going to continue to be a big hit.

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