Kathy Bates and Jessica Lange as Madame Delphine LaLaurie and Fiona Goode in Episode 2 of 'American Horror Story: Coven'. Photo Credit: FX

‘American Horror Story: Coven’ Episode 2 Recap ‘Boy Parts’

Last week, the latest incantation of FX’s hit original series American Horror Story debuted with a bang. We were introduced to a wide variety of characters that all have their place in the hierarchy in New Orleans. Stay with us as we take a look at this week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven entitled ‘Boy Parts’

The Return of Misty Day

When we get started tonight, we see two men in a boat drifting down the bayou. The two men are discussing the finer points of gator baiting. Apparently Jerk Chicken works wonders.

Trying to get free of the hook he is stuck on, the gator approaches the boat. The poacher draws his weapon and shoots the gator in the head. After pulling the gator into their boat, they head for their camp. When they arrive there, we can see a number of gators just hanging from the trees.

Walking among them is a mysterious young woman with blonde hair. She approaches the men and asks them.

Why would you kill God’s innocent creatures?” she asks. “To make them into shoes?” she continues.

The two men, afraid of getting caught, pull a gun on her.

You should of stayed away, girl.” He says. “You play with dead things, you’re more than likely to join them.” He says with his weapon drawn.

If only he knew who he was messing with.

She concentrates for a moment, and then all of a sudden, one of the hanging gators comes to life and bites the arm off of the man holding the gun. The man screams in agony.

His friend decides to take off running. Don’t we know by now that this strategy never works?

He trips along the way. Another of the gators comes back to life, bites the fallen man’s head, and drags him deep into the bayou.

If you watched the first episode, you will recognize this young woman as Misty Day. She is a young woman who possesses the power of resurgence, also known as the ability to restore life; hence why the gators returned to life.

In the previous episode, she had gone missing. It is rather interesting to see her walking around freely.

The Morning Gathering

It is early morning at Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. The Headmaster is walking down the hallway, knocking on everyone’s door to have them meet downstairs for the morning gathering.

Madison answers the door in her bra and underwear. Cordelia tells her that she expects her downstairs in five minutes for the morning gathering. In her usual “witty charm” she asks if she should come in what she is wearing. Cordelia doesn’t answer her, and then goes about her business.

Inside the room, Zoe is looking up information about Kyle on the internet. She says that he was volunteering with the United Way. Madison tells her to get over it. She makes a smart remark about how Kyle should be “canonized” for his good deeds.

Zoe just cannot understand how she can be so heartless. Madison tells her that she understands people, and that given the chance, he would have made the same decision as his fraternity brothers and taken a shot at her himself. Zoe just isn’t buying that notion.

Look. For the sake of peace among roommates, I’m sorry I killed your boy candy, ok?” she says. “Given your Black Widow status, he was living on borrowed time anyway.” Madison says.

Cordelia is now banging furiously on Fiona’s door telling her to open up. Finally, Fiona opens the door.

Cordelia can smell a rather strong odor coming from Fiona’s room, and inquires as to its source. Fiona tells her that she purchased some Chinese herbs, and that is the source of the smell.

Cordelia tells her mother that she is about to conduct the morning meeting, and that she is going to go over all of the house rules, and thinks that she should hear them.

Fiona tells her that she will be down in a minute, as she closes the door in Cordelia’s face.

When Fiona reenters the room, we see that the smell was no the odor of Chinese herbs, but the stench of a woman who has been buried beneath the Earth for 180 years; Madame Delphine LaLaurie.

Fiona tells her that she is going to remove her gag, but that if she screams, she will put her back in the ground where she found her. Of course, what is the very first thing she does when the gag is removed?

Fiona slaps her and tells her to shut up.

She tells Madame LaLaurie that she is to tell her exactly how it is that she is alive after all these years, and not old and decrepit. Madame LaLaurie panics when Fiona’s cell phone rings. Fiona shoves the gag back into her mouth and tells her to be quiet and that it is only a cell phone.

Cordelia calls to Fiona from downstairs to tell her that she is starting. Fiona tells Madame LaLaurie that when she returns that they are going to continue their little chat and that she had better make it worth her while.

Man…and we thought Madame LaLaurie was mean.

Chubbie’s Chicken

We flash back to Chubbie’s Fried Chicken in Detroit in the year 2012. We see Queenie working behind the counter. There is a man at the counter complaining to her that she shorted him a piece of chicken in his medium basket. She tells him that he must be mistaken because she packed that basket herself.

He proceeds to insult her intelligence by saying things like she must have been bad at math and so on.

Everything he says to her, she has an intelligent response for. Eventually, she snaps and calls him a name not clean enough for me to repeat.

I’d like to speak to the manager, stupid fatass.” He yells.

I don’t think he has any idea what he just did. “What did you call me?” she asks.

He demands again that she get the manager. She tells him that she is the manager. Just like that, she buries her hand in the deep fryer. All of a sudden, his arm begins to crackle and blister as if it is his arm in the grease; however, Queenie…she doesn’t feel a thing.

Just Among Us Girls

Now, back in present day at the morning gathering, she tells the group that due to lack of witnesses, she was not prosecuted for her indiscretion. She tells the group that this is how Cordelia found her.

She says that she didn’t even know that there were black witches. But apparently, she was descendent from a black slave girl who was the first in Salem to be accused of witchcraft.

If I can tell you anything with a fair level of certainty, it is that Madison and Queenie are going to come to blows at some point. Queenie has just about had it with all of Madison’s smart remarks.

Cordelia tells the two girls that they need to start looking out for each other. She reminds them that they have enough enemies on the outside.

Speaking of that, two investigators walk in asking to speak with Madison and Zoe.

The Investigation

The officers begin to make all sorts of assumptions and accusations to Madison and Zoe. He mentions that some of the people at the party claim to have seen Madison go into a back room with the boys. Madison tells him that they were trying to get her high, but she said no.

He claims that with the proper motive, the girls could have messed with the brakes or the steering column on the bus.

Zoe asks if they should have a lawyer present. The cop says that they are simply talking.

The investigator then asks Zoe why she visited one of the survivors in the hospital if they did not know the boys previously. She tells them that she felt bad for them.

He tells her that he mysteriously died right after she left. He says that the doctors can’t seem to figure out what happened. He brings up the fact that her boyfriend died the exact same way, insinuating that Zoe had something to do with the survivor’s death.

Zoe cracks under the pressure. She tells the police officer everything; that they are all witches, about the gang rape, that they killed the people on the bus, I mean everything.

Madison denies everything and tells them that she doesn’t know what they are talking about. Fiona tells the officer that Zoe is obviously suffering some sort of a mental break. She denies this and begs them not to send them to jail.

Just then, Fiona walks into the room. She says that no one is going to jail.

Fiona instructs the two girls to leave the room.

The officers ask her if she is in charge. She introduces herself and tells them that she is in charge everywhere.

The officers tell her that they need to bring Madison and Zoe in for questioning. Fiona prepares the two of them a drink, and spits into each glass. Cordelia tries to stop her, but she tells her that if she isn’t careful, she will spit in a third glass. One of the officers tries to fight her. She tells him that she is about to turn up the heat and turn his brain into scrambled eggs. Finally, he caves and drinks for the glass.

Now that they are under her spell, she tells them that they are going to turn over all the information that they have on the girls and to never speak on the matter again to anyone.

The Panic

In the other room, Zoe is having a meltdown. She is sure that they are all going to prison for what they did.

Madison tells her that she can’t believe that she said anything. She says that she is supposed to be cleaning up her act, and that when this information gets out, she is going to be screwed. She demands to know what Zoe did to the boy in the hospital.

Before Zoe can say anything, the door swings open and Fiona walks through it.

She calls them both idiots and sends them flying into the wall. She says that she forgave them for their involvement in the bus incident, but if they are too stupid to know that when stranger come asking questions that they are supposed to close ranks then she fears that their lives are truly at an end.

She tells Zoe that she is soft and emotional. She says that if there is one thing they will learn before leaving the Academy is that even the weakest of them are better than the best of them.

She tells them that they are missing the point.

The point is, in this whole, wide, wicked world, the only thing you have to be afraid of, is me.” Fiona says.

The Best Boy Parts

Madison and Zoe have gone on a little field trip away from the school. Madison drives them to the morgue.

Madison breaks through the lock and casually walks inside. Turning on all the lights, she goes searching for the bodies of the boys from the bus accident. She tells Zoe that she knows what she did for her, and that she is going to return the favor.

Her plan is to take the best parts from the remaining bodies of the boys, and attach them to Kyle’s head, use a resurrection spell that she stole from the Headmaster’s stash, and bring Kyle back to life for her.

Zoe is thinks the entire idea is insane. She almost cries when she sees what is left of Kyle.

Madison intends to build Zoe the perfect boyfriend.

Piece by bloody piece, the girls reconstruct Kyle. Part by part, they stitch his body up until he is whole again.

When that part is complete, Madison starts to mix the necessary ingredients into a bowl.

The two girls begin the ritual. This is some seriously dark magic. I am not exactly an expert when it comes to the dark arts, but I am pretty sure that they had to offer up their mortal souls to the devil in exchange for the use of this magic.

Madison swears that she did everything properly, but Kyle does not reanimate.

Zoe tells Madison that she will meet her in the car, that she left her phone in the room somewhere. Madison tells her to hurry up. She runs out of the building and to the car.

Outside, Madison sees someone pulling up. She decides that the best course of action is to leave Zoe there. “Tough luck” Madison says.

Zoe apologizes to Kyle, and tells him that none of this would have ever happened to him if it wasn’t for her. She leans in and gives him a kiss. Just then, the coroner walks in the door. He realizes that things are out of place and calls out for whoever is there to show themselves. He sees the pieces of Kyle’s body sewn together on the table. He is rather appalled.

He turns to find Zoe huddled on the floor. Just as he asks her what she is doing there, Kyle sits straight up behind the man. He grabs the man around the neck and starts to mercilessly beat on him.

Zoe has to stop him before he kills the man.


The Bun in the Oven

Fiona and her husband are at the Doctor getting her lady parts examined. Apparently, the couple is having issues conceiving. The doctor goes over all of their options, one of which being invitro fertilization.

The husband asks for a moment alone with his wife. He tells her that he doesn’t understand why they have to go through all of this, and why she can’t just use her magic to fix everything. She tells him that the magic dealing with life and death is a dark magic, and she wants no part of it.

She tells him that she doesn’t want to play God. Her husband replies, “So you’re going to let Dr. Morrison play God instead?”

The Realization

Fiona is back at the school with Madame LaLaurie again. She is still trying to figure out how she was granted immortality like she was.

Madame LaLaurie asks her how long she said that it had been. Fiona repeats, 180 years. She is visibly taken aback.

Fiona asks her how it happened. Madame LaLaurie tells her that she was tricked by the black devil. The scene flashes back to the previous episode when Marie Laveau gave the potion to Madame LaLaurie. This time, we see her awaken on the floor.

She calls out for her husband, but he does not respond. She is called outside by Marie Laveau and a mob of people.

Madame LaLaurie makes her way out the door. She tells them that she is not afraid of them. She tells her that her attempt to poison her had failed. Marie tells her that if she had wanted her dead, she would be.

Madame LaLaurie demands that her family be returned to her. The Voodoo Queen tells her that they never left. When Madame LaLaurie turns around, she is horrified to see that her entire family, her husband and all of her daughters have been hanged from the roof of her home.

Madame LaLaurie is absolutely grief stricken. All she can do is look upon the faces of her dead children.

Marie tells her that each and every one of them suffered; however, she has something much worse in store for her.

She tells her that she has bestowed upon her the gift of immortality. For her sins, she is being buried alive, to live forever listening to the world move on around her with no hope of her experiencing the release of death.

Fiona tells her that she is sorry for her loss, and asks Madame LaLaurie if she would like a bite of her chicken. That’s a really random idea to put together, but ok…we’ll go with that.


The New Rivals

Fiona is at a salon having her hair done. It is apparent that the lady does not wish to be working on Fiona. There is clearly a racial divide here.

The girls in the shop turn on the radio and begin dancing to the music. Marie walks into the room, turns the radio off, and sends everyone home. She tells them that she will finish up with Fiona.

After all of the women have left, the real fun begins.

The time for pleasantries has passed. They both know who each other is, the only question now is, what does Fiona want from Marie? Why everlasting life, of course.

The two go back and forth about the history of their clans. She tells Fiona that she has been reading too many tourist guides.

Fiona tells her that she has been to St. Louis #1, and she has seen the tomb of Laveau. She talks about how the tourists still draw little crosses on the tomb and praying to the bones of Laveau when all along, all they had to do was come down to the 9th Ward and get their hair braided.

Marie has absolutely no interest in helping Fiona. Fiona tells her that she will, because she has something that she wants. Marie tells her that there is nothing that she can give her that will make her help Fiona. She attempts to send her boys after Fiona; however, Fiona lights a few of Marie’s wigs on fire. Marie tells her to stop while the boys put the fire out.

Fiona tells her that they will be in touch.


New Found Freedom

Nan is in the library attempting to read; however, she cannot seem to find a moment’s peace. All she can hear is someone talking. She tries to get them to stop multiple times, but to no avail.

Finally, she storms upstairs and heads into Fiona’s room. She tells Madame LaLaurie that she thinks too loud. She tells her that it is bothering her. She quickly unties her and tells her to get out.

Madame LaLaurie heads out of the room, and runs into Queenie in the hallway. Almost immediately Queenie gets a good whiff of Madame LaLaurie. The Madame demands that the “slave” get out of her way. Queenie asks who the “Stinky Old Lady” is, but before Nan can answer her, Madame LaLaurie hits Queenie over the head with a candelabrum.


Creepy Snake Sex

Cordelia is in her garden casting some sort of a spell over her plants. Her husband walks in and asks her if she thinks it will work. She is frightened by his sudden appearance. She tells him that he shouldn’t be there, and that she needs about 20 minutes, and everything will be ok.

Once she is finished, we see her in the bedroom preparing for a ritual. This is clearly black magic. While casting the spell, she takes a dagger and cuts her husband with it. He then takes the dagger and does the same thing to her. The two of them wipe their blood into each other’s mouth.

Before you even know what happened, they are in all out frenzy mode. The eggs that were placed in the circle around them begin to crack, and a ring of fire erupts around them. The snakes are slowly growing in size until they are almost the size of boa constrictors. The snakes are entangled all around them while they are making passionate love to each other. Suddenly, Cordelia’s eyes turn black.

When they are finished, the room looks as if nothing had ever happened.

The Resurrection

Now that night has fallen, Zoe attempts to leave the morgue. She is all but carrying Kyle out the door. He still cannot speak properly, and continues to writhe uncontrollably. While in the car, she tries to talk to him. She explains to him what happened and how he died.

He starts thrashing all over the car. It almost causes her to drive off of the bridge. Suddenly, Misty sits up in the back seat and tells Zoe that she forgives her.

Again, Zoe almost wrecks the car.

Misty starts to give her directions on where to go.

They end up at a well-stocked cabin out in the bayou. This is where Misty has been living.

Misty is rubbing a mixture of herbs, moss, and dung on all of Kyle’s wounds. She tells Zoe that Mother Nature has an answer for everything. She tells her that Mother Nature healed her when she was burned to death.

Misty is excited. She says that the two of them have so much to teach each other. You see, Misty never knew that there were other people in the world like her. She always thought that she was alone.

Misty tells Zoe that her magic called her to her, and that she knew she had to follow it.

Misty is enthralled with the music of Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks. Misty calls Stevie Nicks the white witch. When Zoe doesn’t understand, Misty tells her to listen to the lyrics.

It would seem that the two of them are developing a connection.

Zoe tells Misty that she needs to get going. She says that the people at her school will be looking for her. However, she needed to figure out what she was going to do with Kyle first.

Misty tells her that she can leave him with her, and that she will take care of him. She says that by the time she returns, Kyle will be good as new.

Misty asks Zoe if she will indeed come back.

Black Magic

Back at Marie Laveau’s home, we see her going through her cabinet for something to drink. She is talking to someone, but you can’t see who. She tells them that they will never believe who is back. She says that they have some business to attend to.

Suddenly, you hear a snort. Almost like a bull. Then, you see it. Her lover, the one that Madame LaLaurie had turned into a Minotaur is alive and well. She removes his chains, and the two of them embrace.

Well, then…I have a feeling that this is going to get a lot more interesting before this situation is resolved.

Coming to Terms with Fate

Fiona finds Madame LaLaurie sitting on a bench outside of her former residence. She says that people have defaced her home with a plaque. She cannot believe that her home has been transformed into a museum of horrors; an attraction for tourists to rifle though.

Fiona tells Madame LaLaurie that if she did 10 of the hundred things that she had read about her, then she deserved every minute that she spent in that hole.

Madame LaLaurie tells Fiona how that mob took her babies from her. She said that she cared not for her husband. She reveals that she had been planning to kill him for weeks, but that she loved her children more than anything.

Hell is real. I seen it down in that box.” Madame LaLaurie said. “Time disappears. The only thing that is left is what is in your mind’s eye, and all I saw was my girls; forever.” She says.

Madame LaLaurie asks Fiona if she is a witch. When Fiona asks her why, Madame LaLaurie tells her that she was hoping that she would know a way to kill her.

Fiona tells her that she may kill her, but it won’t be today. She tells her that if she tries to run away again that she will put her right back in that box. Madame LaLaurie understood.

Together, they head back to the school.


This is going to make for a very interesting dynamic. Zoe has found a friend in Misty, Fiona has struck up quiet the working relationship with Madame LaLaurie, and now we have a common enemy in Marie Laveau. It would seem that no one is going to be safe.

Maybe what Fiona said is true. If the girls don’t learn how to protect themselves, then they will burn.

Here is a peek at next week’s episode of American Horror Story: Coven.

Make sure to check back with us next week when we take a look at Episode 3 of American Horror Story: Coven which is entitled ‘The Replacements’.

American Horror Story: Coven airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 p.m. on FX.

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