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FIFA releases latest World Rankings

The final round of qualifying for the World Cup has just ended and FIFA has released their new World Rankings. There are still open spots for the World Cup that will be determined by play-offs in November. The rankings don’t usually mean a whole lot other than the bragging rights of fans.

These rankings impact the World Cup, and they’re used to determine the top seeds in the tournament. Brazil already gets a top seed for being the host nation, that leaves the top 7 teams as top seeds.

The U.S. Men’s National Team was ranked 13th in the last edition of the rankings and stayed put. Switzerland and England both move up 7 spots, passing the USMNT in the process. Switzerland leapfrogged all the way into one of those top 7 spots. Uruguay is in the top 7 but hasn’t qualified for the World Cup yet. They still have to play a home and a way series with Jordan for a berth.

Only the top seeds matter, the rest of the countries that qualify are split up geographically to avoid facing foes from your confederation in group play. A lot like how UEFA separates clubs during Champions League play to avoid teams from the same league to play one another.

The World Cup draw will take place on Dec. 6th.

FIFA’s latest World Rankings:

  1. Spain (1513)
  2. Germany (1311)
  3. Argentina (1266)
  4. Colombia (1178)
  5. Belgium (1175)
  6. Uruguay (1164)
  7. Switzerland (1138)
  8. Netherlands (1136)
  9. Italy (1136) [technically tied for 8th]
  10. England (1080)
  11. Brazil (1078)
  12. Chile (1051)
  13. USA (1040)
  14. Portugal (1036)
  15. Greece (983)
  16. Bosnia-Herzegovina (925)
  17. Ivory Coast (917)
  18. Croatia (901)
  19. Russia (874)
  20. Ukraine (871)
  21. France (870)
  22. Ecuador (862)
  23. Ghana (860)
  24. Mexico (854)
  25. Sweden (850)
  26. Denmark (824)
  27. Czech Republic (783)
  28. Serbia (778)
  29. Romania (767)
  30. Slovenia (752)

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