Walter White's wardrobe from every Breaking Bad season

Walter White was one of the greatest characters we have ever seen on television, and his development throughout the Breaking Bad series was one of the biggest reasons that the show became as popular as it did during the final run in season five.

As fans of the show continue to relive the series, Brooklyn artist Nathan Peters decided to do a breakdown of Walt’s wardrobe for every episode of the series.

We can remember Walt in the brown jackets, Heisenberg hat, tighty whities and hazmat suits, but there are a few looks that we may have forgotten throughout the iconic development of his character as Breaking Bad went on.

Check out the image below for a look at all of Walt’s wardrobes throughout every episode of the series:

We are certainly not fashion experts, but it looks like Walt’s wardrobe could have benefited from some diversity and more pops of color other than the hazmat suits.

However, no matter what it was that Walt was wearing, he will go down as one of the biggest badasses in television history and perhaps the greatest character of all-time. In our books, he certainly takes home that label.

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