US President Barack Obama depicted as legendary Alabama Crimson Tide coach Paul "Bear" Bryant

Barack Obama as Bear Bryant (Photo)

Alabama Crimson Tide fans do some interesting things. They’ve created a mural of head coach Nick Saban and legendary head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant as Adam and God in the famous painting of the Sistine Chapel. They’ve turned a Volkswagen Beetle into the elephant mascot.

Now there is this. An Alabama fan has depicted U.S. President Barack Obama as legendary head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. The image features two pictures of Barack Obama, both wearing the same legendary hat that “Bear” Bryant wore.

In one of the images he is leaning against a goal post I presume, hat on, with the Alabama bleachers in the background. The bleachers have the letters ‘BAMA’ on them, a direct correlation between their abbreviated name and Obama’s last name.

Interesting that an Alabama fan did this in such a red state, with much of the state’s population likely not a fan of the Obama administration. Part of me expected this guy’s twitter account to blow up but he says that everyone has taken the artwork, which isn’t his own, in good stride. He says that he hasn’t received any death threats yet, but added that they day is young.




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  • Guest

    Blasphemy. How dare he denigrate The Bear!

  • Buxton2276

    that explains a lot… President Obama has too much bama in him like harvey updyke and the alabama teabagger…