Bellator 104 results: Hawn defeats Weedman by UD

The main event of the evening is upon us. Tonight, former lightweight tournament finalists, Rick Hawn and Brent Weedman, will rematch in the Welterweight semi-finals. Hawn and Weedman met back at Bellator 70 in the Lightweight tournament final for the opportunity to fight Michael Chandler. Hawn won the fight, and subsequently lost to the champ Chandler. Now they meet again and the winner will fight Ron Keslar in the Welterweight tournament final.

Round 1: Quick clinch by Brent Weedman and he is shrugged off by Hawn and Hawn seemingly hurts Weedman, but let’s him get up. Nice exchange by both men. Hawn with a big left hand that countered a leg kick off Weedman. Weedman is hurt! Hawn lands some nice shots, but Weedman recovers and has Hawn in the guard. Some big shots land for Hawn, but he is not throwing many punches. Weedman initiates rubber guard and Hawn stand us. Nice head kick by Weedman and a few punches by Hawn in response. Fake left super man punch by Weedman that is countered with a nice hook by Hawn. Weedman is missing a lot of punches, and Hawn is landed nice combinations. Nice step in knee from Weedman and Hawn answers with a leg kick. Weedman returns a leg kick and two jabs. Weedman misses a big uppercut. Weedman gets Hawn on the fence and they both land some bombs as the round ends. I say 10-9 Hawn for more effective striking.

Round 2: Brent Weedman eats another left hook from Hawn. Weedman is throwing a front kick to the body a lot. Weedman going for the single on Hawn against the fence. Hawn is on one leg and displaying fantastic balance. Hawn gets out of it and lands a short left. Weedman with a leg kick and teep kick. Hawn lands a huge uppercut on Weedman, but Weedman eats it. Weedman is eating some big punches and not throwing combinations. Nice left hook to the body by Hawn. Weedman does three fakes and doesn’t throw anything. Two more push kicks from Weedman. Hawn lands a beautiful combo, but Weedman’s chin is holding up. Another push kick from Weedman and that’s the round. 10-9 Hawn again for more effective striking.

Round 3: Weedman with a nice leg kick and super man punch. Hawn answers with more stinging hooks. Two quick jabs by Hawn. Weedman misses a spinning back fist and but lands a few short punches on the fence. Hawn with a very nice takedown and Weedman is working rubber guard. Back to full guard, and Hawn is not doing anything. Weedman has a big mouse under his eye. The ref warns Hawn to improve, and he answers with some big hammerfists.Weedman throws up the triangle, and Hawn shucks him off and stands up. Weedman with another push kick. Weedman with a nice knee. Hawn lands a nice counter left off a kick. Body punch and then the head by Weedman. Weedman misses an uppercut and a jab. Teep kick by Weedman. Weedman misses a head kick and that is the end of the fight. 10-9 Hawn again for the takedown and control.

Official Decision: Rick Hawn defeats Brent Weedman by Unanimous decision  (30-27, 30-27, 30-27 )


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