Google Glass could tune your instrument, call you a car


Google Glass is one of the coolest smart devices in recent memory that brings technology right in front of you, but it could be getting even greater in the near future. According to a review of the latest firmware update from Android Policenew voice commands could be introduced that including “tune my instrument”, “translate this” and “call me a car.”

How cool is that?

The total list of new voice commands in the firmware update includes add a calendar event, call me a car, capture a panorama, check me in, created a 3D model, find a recipe, learn a song, play a game, play music, record a recipe, remind me to, show a compass, start a bike ride, start a round of golf, start a run, start a stop watch, start a timer, translate this and tune an instrument

The update will also allow users to have more control by blinking.

Currently, you can snap a photo with Google Glass with a simple wink, while the update will allow you to use a “double-blink” for some additional commands. Those commands have not yet been announced, but it is showing the quick progression that Google is making with their smart eyewear.

The new firmware could be released early in 2014.

[H/T: Mashable]

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