Swedish referee chokes out hockey player (Video)

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It looked like a single fight was going to break out. A referee grabbed the instigator and was holding him back. He gave up his pursuit of the first player and kept trying to go after different players, the referee holding him back the whole time.

Meanwhile, the other players who weren’t involved decided to get into a little scuffle. Another referee is trying to hold back one player who is going at the opponent’s bench. The referee ends up wrestling him to the ice. He breaks free from the hold and gets up and goes at the players again. This gets more players involved and a bit of a melee breaks out.

It was an incredibly scary scene because the referee that went to the ice, was still down there in the middle of a brawl. The last place you want to be is on the ice in a crowd of hockey players with blades on their feet. He gets out and gets right back to business breaking up a fight.

A different referee has had enough, he skates into the brawl, picks out the biggest problem. He gets him in a guillotine choke and pulls him away from the pile. The tough guy hockey player taps out, begging for mercy and has the saddest look on his face afterwards as he receives a stern talking to.

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