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USC coach Andy Enfield kinda retreats from UCLA potshot

Andy Enfield seems like a lovable, enjoyable and fun character in the realm of college basketball. He even made himself somewhat more awesome to fans when he recently took a shot at the UCLA Bruins and their inability to play basketball at a solid tempo. Well, he became more endearing to everyone but fans of UCLA.

Now, however, he is kind of, sort of, backing away from telling his players, “We play up-tempo basketball here. If you want to play slow, go to UCLA.”

It should be noted, as Enfield has eluded to, that he said that during a practice. It was meant for his players only. You know, as a way to motivate them. I doubt he realized it would make national headlines and make it look like he was throwing some potshots towards the general direction of UCLA head coach, Steve Alford.

During the Pac-12 media day, Enfield essentially said the same thing (H/T USA Today for the transcript):

“I certainly did not mean for that to get out in the national media,” Enfield said. “What I said was meant for my team and my team only. It was certainly not to disrespect Steve or what he’s doing.”

I am no expert in apologizing or backing away from comments, but that doesn’t seem like he regrets what he said. It appears he is only unhappy that it got out to the public. It could even be the same as when someone opens up a comment with, “no disrespect”, but a slew of disrespecting statements follow.

Regardless, USC being entertaining in college basketball is needed. A UCLA-USC rivalry will be even more intriguing. I hope Enfield, Alford or anyone else even remotely tied to either program continues to take little digs at each other.

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