Batman vs. Superman: Thinks Superman is a Daddy's boy (Video)

Remember that video from earlier in the week when Professor X fired Wolverine from the X-Men? It was created by comedian Pete Holmes who has a show premiering later this month on TBS. In the X-Men video, he made fun of Wolverine’s super powers calling him worthless and not worth anything.

That video was incredibly funny, and he is at it again. This time, it is a conversation between Superman and Batman. Superman asks Gotham’s hero to turn himself in before some one asks him to do it by force. He follows the same criticizing their ‘super powers’ trend.

While playing Batman he says he has no super power, just that he is rich and nuts. He even criticizes his villains he’s fought, like Bane calling him a roided out jock.

Batman goes on to praise Superman’s powers and tries to explain to him why he is the superior super hero. The highlight might be when he tells Superman to get over his dead parents already.

They continue to bicker until Commissioner Gordon joins the debate. Not surprisingly he sides with Batman. He then continues to criticize his alter ego asking he was inspired by the Newsies. That might be the funniest part of the video.

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