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Bayer Leverkusen scores phantom goal (Video)

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Bayer Leverkusen sits atop the Bundesliga table, and they’ll stay there thanks to a phantom goal. On Saturday, Leverkusen defeated TSG Hoffenheim by a 2-1 goal margin, that phantom goal was the decisive one.

You might be reading this thinking to yourself, what is a phantom goal? Basically, it is a goal that was counted, that wasn’t actually a goal.

The goal came around the 68th minute in the game. Leverkusen had a corner kick and sent the cross in. A Leverkusen’s Stefan Kiessling elevates and heads it towards goal. He misses, yet the goal was called.

You can understand how the referee got the call wrong in this game. Kiessling’s shot went wide missing the goal, but somehow it ends up in the back of the goal like an actual shot on target. Apparently the ball slipped through an opening in the net on the side and went in.

It is incredibly deceiving, even watching the replay over and over again I still can’t quite figure out how it went in. It looks almost like a magic trick or an illusion.

At the time it gave Leverkusen a 2-0 lead. Hoffenheim scored in the 88th minute to narrow the lead. Had it not been for that phantom goal, they would’ve gotten a draw and a point.

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