Bill Murray vs. Lee Corso on ESPN College GameDay (GIFs)

bill murrayESPN College GameDay is at Clemson for the No. 5 Florida State vs No. 3 Clemson match up. This episode might go down as the most epic ESPN College GameDay headgear pick of all time. First, Bill Murray was the celebrity guest picker. That automatically makes it awesome.

What happened later when Lee Corso was making his head gear pick makes it legendary. He came up the stairs dressed as the Seminole mascot and made his way towards a patch of green grass with the Clemson logo on it.

Spear in hand he looked ready to plant it in the logo, but Bill Murray wasn’t having any of it. At first he was trying to remove the grass, then instead decided to pick up Lee Corso and give him a WWE like body slam.

They wrestled on the ground, playfully of course and in good nature. At one point, Murray got the spear away from Corso and threw it off the set into what looked like an empty area next to the stage

Earlier in the show he was hitting golf balls of the mini-fake football field.

Here’s how Corso ended up on the ground:

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