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Jacob Trouba injury update

Jacob Trouba injury update

There was another scary moment in the NHL on Thursday night when Jacob Trouba went crashing into the boards head first. At least this time the injury wasn’t caused by any sort of malicious intent, but rather a simple accident gone very wrong. Based on what the Winnipeg Jets are saying, it appears that Trouba managed to avoid any serious injury on the play.

Here’s the fall, in case you hadn’t seen it.

If that doesn’t give you a nasty case of the chills for a moment, nothing will.

It’s easy to see how this play could have turned out way worse for the 19 year-old, who is apparently going to be fine. As per’s update on the situation: “The Jets announced Trouba was alert and moving his extremities. He was taken to a hospital for X-rays, but the team said was released a few hours later.”

At least Trouba appears to have a sense of humor about the incident.

There isn’t a time table for the defender’s return, but the air around the ordeal seems to indicate that it will be sooner rather than later. It’s an outstanding sign that he wasn’t kept overnight for any sort of observation, and that he’s already making goofy Tweets about what happened.

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