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Watch: Swedish hockey referee chokes out a player, player taps out

Things sure are different in Europe. In an SEL game between Vaxjo and Farjestad, things were really starting to get out of hand. Players were fighting all over the ice, and then the action started moving toward the bench area. Where, of course, even more players started becoming involved in the ruckus.

We’ve all seen situations like this and wondered how the referee was going to handle it. Sometimes the zebras just stand back and let the goons punch it out while protecting the skill guys. Others, they stand there with their hands on their hips and wait for everyone to punch out.

Not this ref though. This ref had seen enough, and decided to break things up the good old fashioned way.

The good old fashioned way is clearly a guillotine choke hold.

The player that is seen tapping out to the ref here Marius Holtet, who is a former second-round selection of the Dallas Stars that never quite made it in the NHL.

“The player that is seen tapping out to the ref here” is a once-in-a-lifetime sentence that will likely never make sense again. This is a landmark moment in hockey, and referees everywhere could stand to learn a thing or two from this man about how to regain control of a hockey game.

And that is by doing your best Urijah Faber impression.

(h/t to Reddit for the find)

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