Projected BCS Rankings 2013: Who’s No. 2?

The Oregon Ducks have long been considered the No. 2 team in the nation, but following Florida State’s huge win on the road against the Clemson Tigers on Saturday night, it is safe to say that the Seminoles could very well leap into the title picture right next to the back-to-back defending champions.

We all know that Alabama will be No. 1 when the BCS Rankings are released today, but the conversation will continue until then and there will be some unhappy fans when the rankings are finally unveiled to the public.

In the meantime, all we can do is speculate.

Here are the current projections, via BCS Guru, for the first 2013 BCS Standings:

Rank Team Coaches Poll Harris Poll Computers Pvs
1 Alabama 1 1 2 1
2 Florida State 3 3 1 4
3 Oregon 2 2 3 2
4 Ohio State 4 4 8 5
5 Missouri 7 7 4 13
6 Baylor 5 5 6 10
7 Stanford 6 6 5 11
8 Clemson 9 8 7 3
9 Miami (Fla.) 8 9 10 14
10 UCLA 11 10 9 8
11 LSU 12 12 11 6
12 Texas A&M 10 11 13 7
13 Texas Tech 13 13 19 16
14 South Carolina 14 14 18 12
15 Oklahoma 17 16 15 17
16 Auburn 22 19 12 23
17 Virginia Tech 19 20 16 18
18 Northern Illinois 21 21 17 22
19 Louisville 15 15 25 9
20 Fresno State 18 17 23 19

Who do you think should be the top team in the nation? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Beth Butler Burks

    BAMA of course

  • Ryan Chapman

    You have to love how Bama and Oregon have had pretty similar schedules, but of course due to all the human votes for Bama they are #1 regardless, and Oregon drops to 3.

    Oh well, After Oregon beats UCLA and Stanford and a underrated Oregon state, they will battle it out in the the NCG

    • Tim0619

      Bama has played and beaten three ranked teams. Oregon has only played one. Also Bama plays in the best and toughest conference in college football.

      • Ryan Chapman

        If you look at current strength of schedule Bama and Oregon are right next to each other. I think it is pretty safe to say that a lot of the ranked SEC teams showed that they were overrated this past week, with nearly all of the top teams losing to the bottom feeders of the conference.

    • XIII

      Oregon State… who lost to FCS team.. .you want to really add that to the equation… and the POLL is based on the here and now and you speculate. OK. Alabama beat ranked Texas A&M, beat Ranked Ole Miss (at the time), and Virginia Tech. and doing so convincingly I dont see how you cant put Alabama lower than 1.

      Oregon has not yet. Virginia hurts them. IF they beat UCLA and Stanford… then we can talk about them moving up. Florida State proved their worth last night.

  • Dusty

    I find it funny that Auburn Beats A&M and they are still rated lower than A&M. but that is ok, we love it when they under estimate us..

    • XIII

      I am glad you beat them but Arkansas State and Western Carolina are worse on your SOS… than Sam Houston (FCS runner up) and Rice (leading CUSA West) on their SOS. It can be that much to put them ahead of you.. .even with the HTH win by you.

      • XIII

        For if you note the computers avg DOES have you higher

  • Dusty

    I think we have already proven Oregon is good, But the SEC is way better than the Pac 12

    • XIII

      I agree better… Way better… I cant go there.

  • Pat Wright

    I’d put Oregon at the same level as Tex A&M because they don’t play a difficult schedule. Either UCLA or Stanford or both may beat them in season play. Ohio State wouldn’t be undefeated in the SEC, ACC, or PAC 12. Neither Oregon nor Ohio State have a good defense. It’s good to have the wealth distributed among the conferences but politics shouldn’t play into polls.

    • Ryan Chapman

      Look at the defensive stats of Oregon and you may be surprised on how well they have done. Especially when you look at the fact every single game except Washington they had their 2 and 3 string in getting snaps for an entire quarter.

      Oregon SOS so far is one spot behind Alabama if you look it up, so don’t pretend Alabama has gone through the toughest teams in football, their schedule so far has been as weak as Oregon’s.

  • Jaime Vazquez

    South Carolina should be out of the ratings

    • Jonathan

      They lost to a under ranked Tennessee team. Yes Tennessee’s record isn’t the best, but they almost beat georgia. Which deserved them to creep into the top 25. So no south carolina shouldn’t of dropped out.

  • John Doe’s Father

    I’m sure some of you are smarter than I, but I can’t understand how A&M can be all the way down at 12th. I see them as a much better team than that. They gave Bama all the Tide wanted. Bama squeaked by that game, And I’m a Bama man. Living on the East Coast I never get to watch Oregon, but I can’t believe there’s 11 teams better than A&M. With that said, will someone shut up Manziel,,,, PLEASE.