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‘Sleepy Hollow’ New Episodes Delayed by the World Series

As Fox prepares to air the biggest event in all of Major League Baseball, this means the unfortunate delay of a lot of its original programming, including the hit series Sleepy Hollow.

However, tonight is not a total loss for fans, which are lovingly referred to as ‘Sleepy Heads’.

Fox will be airing an episode of Sleepy Hollow tonight, albeit not a new episode, but an episode all the same.

Fans can take a trip back to the very beginning as Fox plans to air the Pilot episode of the series which follows the adventures of Ichabod Crane, played by Tom Mison, a soldier from the Revolutionary War who was preserved in time by his wife Katrina to protect the people of the small village of Sleepy Hollow should the Headless Horseman ever return, and Lt. Abigail “Abbie” Mills, played by Nicole Beharie, a police lieutenant whose life is turned upside down when her partner, and mentor, Sheriff August Corbin is brutally beheaded by the mysterious Headless Horseman.

The series also stars Orlando Jones as Captain Frank Irving, Katia Winter as Ichabod’s wife Katrina, Nicholas Gonzalez as Detective Luke Morales, Abbie’s former love interest, and Lyndie Greenwood as Abbie’s sister Jenny.

Sleepy Hollow will return with an all-new episode on Monday, November 4th at 9:00 p.m. on Fox.

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  • Matthew Hayes

    Who the hell cares about the world series?

    • Daiseymae


  • Randall Blacet

    The world series isn’t on till Wednesday anyway. They just want to show something else.

  • angel

    who cares about a damn baseball game. sleepy hollow more important

  • Cory

    What the heck, I tuned in for the next episode to see the pilot again, that sucks and then to hear due to the world series, only to find out it starts Oct 23..

    Game 1, Wednesday, October 23, 5:07 PM (PT)
    Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts

    I think FOX owes everyone an apology.. An MLB game would be much longer than a Sleepy Hollow Episode any day of the week and now don’t they have Chanels devoted to Sports or streamed online..

    I think FOX should have given us the opportunity to watch online at the very least in todays day and age
    of flexible technology..

  • Vero Long

    Wth!!!! I Fought My Benadryl To Only Learn That Its Not Showing?? C’mon You Could’ve Stated That Its Not A New Episode…. Grrrrrr So Upset!!!! >_<

  • James Allen

    Hay man I need my weekly dose of SLEEPY HOLLOW man what’s up with this I feel sick now thanks guys.

  • od_green

    Wow!!!….. Here it is a week before Halloween and No Episode? And on the week of Halloween No Episode of Sleepy Hollow?.?.?….. Just what can I say about Fox network, that was so Brilliant in bringing to us this Awesome TV show, to be so Dumb to interupt it when it is just getting started so hot with veiwership; at a time when so many other veiwers might get introduced to it during this Holiday Season of Halloween…….. Duh?… Hello?.?.?…… Seriously? Not another episode until after Halloween?.?.?….. Nov. 1st?.?.?….. UNREAL!

    Awesome Show! Love the time period of Early America and a Great Way to educate Younger veiwers on Early American History even if mixed in with some Fiction…..Last episode reminded me about the settlement of Roanoke. I had totally lost that memory of that settlement until this show and Bam! It all came back to me what I had learned in school years ago… Get them intrigued and they will want to learn the Real History of America.

    Note to All: Keep it going and spread the word to all you can to keep the veiwership growing. This show is the start of something good I believe. Love how Ichabod (Tom Mison) said in one episode that he was amazed at just how little of America’s History was recored in our books… So True!…… Teach Us and Intrigue Us more.

  • Zahg

    FUCKING FOX!!! First they do this shit with Firefly, now with Sleepy Hollow… Bastards.

  • tlryder

    Sob. This is just awful. The first TV show I’ve watched in years, pre-empted by Baseball.

  • KittenKramer

    I sure could care less about baseball…………never watch that junk! Fox made a HUGE mistake in keeping SH off during Halloween week…………..stupid executives don’t which end is up!


    … I WANT SLEEPY HOLLOW BACK!! :( ugh :(((((((