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Aug 17, 2013; Moscow, RUSSIA; Mustafa Mohamed (SWE) vomits after finishing the marathon in the 14th IAAF World Championships in Athletics at Luzhniki Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Trent Morrow has run 116 marathons this year...and isn't done

(Pictured above: How I feel when my bike gets a flat and I have to walk three full miles to the grocery store.)

Trent Morrow has run 116 marathons in 2013. Yes, you read that right. And his goal for the year is to complete 160, breaking the world record of 157 set by Larry Macon in 2012.

Feel lazy yet?

Morrow likes to wear a Superman cape as he runs, which he says delights the children in the crowd:

It’s fun to see the kids faces light up. I love being able to do that. It’s a serious event and I respect the distance, but I like to put some fun back into the marathon. It’s like I transform into another character (M Live).

Morrow, who just completed the Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon on Sunday, averages about three marathons per week, and he’s using his world-record attempt to raise money to support cancer awareness. So, basically, Trent Morrow is a better person than you’ll ever be.

Kudos to you, Mr. Morrow. Keep on running.

[Source: M Live]

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