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UFC 166: Junior Dos Santos thought he was finished in the second round

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Today some scary news was released regarding the main event of UFC 166. Junior Dos Santos, according to, does not remember most of his UFC 166 fight against Cain Velasquez. The really disturbing part of this news is that Dos Santos believed he was finished in the second round, and from that point on he was fighting on auto-pilot. Dos Santos could not remember the post-fight interview he had with Joe Rogan either.

Dos Santos was battered yet again at the hands of the champion, Cain Velasquez, in the main event of UFC 166. The fight was finished in the fifth round, when JDS hit his head on the Octagon floor very hard in an attempt at a submission. Dos Santos was simply too battered and beaten to continue.

The fight was almost stopped in round 3 when Herb Dean literally touched Cain Velasquez with intention to stop the fight, but pulled off. Dana White said that Junior ‘was too tough for his own good’ in that fight. Today’s disturbing news definitely raises some questions as to why the fight was not stopped earlier either by the referee, his corner throwing in the towel, or the ringside doctor.

Dos Santos is a man with a ton of heart, but news like this brings to light the brutality of this sport. We all love this sport and the fighters, but safety must be of the utmost importance. The Heavyweight title fight should have been stopped multiple times. Junior was prepared to go out on his shield, but is that really the safest option?

Hopefully news like this will be kept in mind next time a fighter is ‘too tough for his own good’.

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