WWE Raw: The Usos vs. The Shield



Cody Rhodes and Goldust, the new tag team champions, made their way down before this one for commentary to get a bird’s eye view, which is to see whom they’ll be facing this Sunday at Hell in a Cell with their newly-won titles on the line.

Seth Rollins and Jimmy Uso got this one kicked off as they traded back-and-forth shots in the middle of the ring. Eventually, Rollins found himself on the outside and Uso hit a beautiful dive over the top rope on to the floor.

Roman Reigns was tagged in just a short time later, followed by Jey Uso after a clever double team on the big man in the corner. After a little bit of offense from both Usos, Rollins ducked a cross-body block attempt which resulted in Uso draping his throat over the rope, giving the Shield the huge edge.

Side Note: Cody Rhodes just made a statement about how he and Goldust are a better team than the Bricsos, Jack and Gerald from the 70s, and I just snorted coffee through my nose I laughed so hard at that.

The Shield remained fully in control of the match as they took turns working over Jey Uso in the middle of the ring, with some shots in the corner, before he’s able to get Reigns off of him with an enzigurai. Eventually he gets over to make the tag to his brother, Jimmy, who comes in clearing house until he’s finally caught by a clothesline from Reigns.

Dean Ambrose gets in the face of Cody at ringside and a brawl eventually ensues on the outside. The referee rings the bell and ends the match.

The Shield get Goldust in the ring and begin a beatdown until Cody gets in for the save. When it’s all said and done, the Usos and Cody and Goldust clear the Shield out of the ring.

No announcement of a winner, nor whom the number one contenders are, was made, but Cody and Goldust did flash the belts in front of Jimmy and Jey, who just smirked back at them.



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