Brandon Jacobs receives death threats from fantasy football owner

NFL players have to deal with so much that the normal person wouldn’t normally have to experience. Fans are always willing to praise the fans for good play, but they are also willing to turn on the players for poor performances.

Some fans are so emotionally invested in the game that they take things so far, especially fantasy football owners who decide to worry only about their team’s success and not the well being of the players.

Then, there are those people like Twitter user @DMMeBoo who are a special kind of stupid.

Andre Rayner, as his name displays, decided to go on a rant on Twitter prior to Monday Night Football and he threatened death to New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs in his family if he didn’t find the endzone.

Seriously, people get that involved and don’t worry about how silly they will look.

Jacobs shared the messages on Twitter:

It is shocking to see this kind of behavior from people and it is unfortunate that players have to deal with it.

Let’s hope that somehow Andre Rayner is held responsible for his threats and faces some sort of punishment for crossing the line.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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  • D-Money

    Has anyone ever seen that youtube video where some dude decides to attempt a carjacking with the driver still in the car, but it turns out the driver is a well-trained MMA fighter? You know the sort of primal satisfaction you get from watching what ensues when the driver beats the shit out of the carjacker? Well, I propose the same thing happen with Brandon Jacobs and this Rayner jackwagon. Except without the violence. I just want to see footage of Jacobs knocking at this loser’s door and have the camera pan directly at this asshole’s face as he looks at the man of steel standing right in front of him, glaring. Maybe Brandon can say something like “A little bird told me you’ve been making threats” or some cliched-ass thing. Anyway, while I don’t want any violence I think Brandon Jacobs deserves to deliver a little humble pie to this human Paraquat of a douche.

    Rant over.

  • Thomas Katona

    That’s just fucken stupid ! Some asshole must b losing his ass betting .
    big man they will find him just play ur game as best that u can.