Chiefs Fans Set World Record For Crowd Noise, Cleveland Responds By Lighting Itself On Fire

There is a lot of world records being broken in NFL cities these days.

A few weeks back, the Seattle Seahawks fans at Century Link Field, set the Guinness world record for the loudest crowd roar at an open air* stadium.

* The Link has an overhang that covers all of the fans and that is designed to bounce back noise to the field so we aren’t exactly sure why the venue is considered open air. Perhaps a “partially covered” designation is needed. 

Then, just two weeks ago, the fans in Kansas City claimed the title of loudest fans in the NFL when they broke Seattle’s record at Arrowhead Stadium* while beating the Oakland Raiders.

*In all fairness, Arrowhead holds about 10K more fans than The Link, so perhaps KC and Seattle can call it even. 

With all these world records being set, you might think that another NFL fans base might throw their hat in the ring in the coming weeks.

Enter Cleveland.

While the Browns may not give locals enough good football for them to cheer loud enough to break KC’s record, that doesn’t mean the team can’t inspire the citizenry to do other things that might be a world record.

Like setting themselves on fire.

21 Cleveland residents set the Guinness world record recently for the largest simultaneous body burn.

There is no evidence to suggest that the play of the Cleveland Browns is what drove these fine folks to set themselves ablaze but we wouldn’t be surprised if that was a driving force.

We won’t be shocked if citizens lighting themselves on fire becomes a trend in hard-luck NFL cities around the nation.

There are plenty of terrible NFL teams that might drive their fans to challenge the folks in Cleveland. The Rams, Cardinals, Vikings, Raiders, Giants, Steelers, Bucs, Falcons, Texans and Redskins could all probably round up enough people that would be willing to light themselves on fire instead of watching their teams play.

We thought about listing Jaguars fan as well but chances are Guinness wouldn’t be able to find enough of them actually have a shot at the record.

Oh Cleveland. Don’t you ever change.

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