Manchester United is America's favorite team

Jul 19, 2012; Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM; General view of Old Trafford Stadium. The stadium will be one of the venues for soccer during the 2012 London Olympics. Mandatory Credit: Joe Toth-USA TODAY Sports

The UEFA Champions League tournament picks back up today and there is a great slate of games. There are a lot of Americans who claim to be big soccer fans. I have a particular friend who claims to be a “huge” Manchester United fan. He wears United T-Shirts all the time and has a United key-chain, but he never actually watches any games and in fact, has little knowledge of Manchester United.

Because United is one of the biggest clubs in the world, in the league with the highest visibility in the United States it is the one most Americans fall in love with. In many ways, it’s like friends of mine from over seas who love the New York Yankees, and the Los Angeles Lakers. They’re both arguably the best teams in their respective leagues and get a lot of visibility on the international stage. It’d be weird if someone moved from Poland and was a huge Charlotte Bobcats fan.

So which team is the most popular in the United States? It is clearly Manchester United. Two other mega clubs, Barcelona and Real Madrid also topped the list. Deadspin took Facebook data to determine which team was each states’ favorites. Manchester United takes the majority of the U.S., while Barcelona and superstar Lionel Messi gets a decent chunk of states. Unfortunately for Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid, they only won one state, Rhode Island.

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