Ylvis' next viral video titled 'Massachusetts'

Ylvis, the group who sang the famous (or infamous) song, “what does the fox say,” has come out with a brand new piece. It’s title, you may ask, is “Massachusetts.”

I’m not quite sure how they do it, but they sure do make some funny and catchy songs. It’s one of those videos that makes me keep saying why did I spend 4 minutes of my night listening to this, even though I must have listened to it three or four times already.

Massachusetts is definitely not spelled Massocheichei, or Makkakoko, but I’ll let you be the judge.

The song was just published today, however, it will probably get millions of views before the week is up. At least you can say you saw it here first, however fortunate or unfortunate that may turn out to be.

Note: There is explicit language throughout this music, although it seems like some of it is supposed to add to he video in one way or another.

There are obviously going to be mixed opinions with this video, because some lyrics may seem offensive, while others are meant to be comedic. I’m interested to hear what you think of the song, so leave a comment down below!


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