The impact of Watch Dogs and The Crew delay having on other next gen titles


When video games are given a release date, there is an understanding that that the developer and the team working on the game will be able to finish it by that assigned date.

This is not always the case and sometimes games will have to be pushed back and delayed a couple more months until it’s ready to be released.

There was a game that was expected to come out this holiday season and it’s been a real surprise that it was pushed back into 2014. Ubisoft was going to release their new IP Watch Dogs on both current and next gen systems.

They shocked the video game industry by pushing the game back to Spring 2014. This had some people upset at this because this was one of the new games they were excited to play for both consoles.

Also Sony and Microsoft were looking forward to having this game be part of their launch line up.

Ubisoft showed the game off numerous times and it looked great with everything that you could do.

They probably felt it was better to push it back and make subtle improvements rather than have it release with GTA 5 still fresh in everyone’s mind.

This was not the only game that was pushed back as they also delayed The Crew, their next gen racing game.

The Crew being delayed was not that big of a deal as Watch Dogs is.

The impact that these two titles could have on other titles is that future games may take longer than expected to release. The games will be coming out on new hardware in PS4 and Xbox One.

So there will be a learning curve for developers and programmers as they learn the intricacies of the consoles.

Once they get more comfortable working with the systems, we should see some great games come out in the future.

Ubisoft did delay a game that plenty of people were excited to play and they probably did this to make sure that it’s of great quality upon release.

Let me know what are your thoughts and opinions about Watch Dogs and The Crew being delayed.







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