Photogenic running back: Notre Dame's Cam McDaniel becomes talk of the web (Photo)

Football isn’t supposed to be a pretty game. Sure, you can have some beautiful plays that leave your jaw on the floor, but it is a tough, physical game. However, Notre Dame Fighting Irish running back Cam McDaniel has managed to take the intensity of the game and somehow keep a calm, cool face that has lit the internet on fire.

McDaniel was photographed during last weekend’s match up against Notre Dame without his helmet as he was being dragged to the ground, but he managed to pull of a look that makes it look like he was posing for the camera.

Now, McDaniel may go down as the most photogenic player in the history of college football.

Check out the photo below, via Deadspin:

If I was running down the field without a helmet and being pulled to the ground by a large opponent, there would be fear all over my face.

But for McDaniel, he was able to pull off a face that makes it look like he is posing for an American Eagle or Hollister ad. If McDaniel was single before this photo surfaced, his Notre Dame dorm is going to have plenty of women knocking on the door.

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