Does Sony have advantage in releasing PS4 before Xbox One?


Sony is about to launch the PS4 in a few weeks with a North American release set to happen on November 15 while European gamers have to wait a little bit longer until November 29.

They are beating Microsoft to the punch with them releasing the Xbox One a week later on November 22. There are sometimes where it’s good to be first in the market when launching a new product.

It gives you the opportunity to have consumers get an understanding of what your product is about, but also people will have the chance to say what they don’t like about it as well. So it’s like a double-edged sword with both positives and negatives.

Also being first means the competition has a chance to learn from any mistakes that are made during launch. However if Sony launches their new console with no issues, then there won’t much that Microsoft can improve upon with their release.

There is a perception that the PS4 will be better just because of the fact that it’s $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. The other thing is that the announcement of the console was presented with less confusion than Microsoft.

It was still unclear after Microsoft unveiled their console if it would block used games. This was a major issue with gamers and they eventually did the right thing by not having it block used games.

Another advantage of being first is that it shows people you are ready to be in the spotlight and that being first demands excellence.

Let me know your thoughts on if you believe that Sony has an advantage in being first.



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