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John Scott of the Buffalo Sabres is not a hockey player

John Scott of the Buffalo Sabres may be a lot of things, but a hockey player isn’t one of them. The self-proclaimed tough guy of the Sabres has embarrassed himself and the game twice over the last month, and at this point has no place in the NHL. None. Zero. Zilch.

The guy brings absolutely nothing to the game. He’s become the No. 1 cheap-shot artist in the league, and to make matters worse he clearly targets players who are way, way more talented than him. Which isn’t saying much, but we digress.

Scott is in the news for the wrong reason again following his high hit on Loui Eriksson of the Boston Bruins last night. With his team down two goals with just over 14 minutes left to play, Scott decided to take a run at Eriksson in the neutral zone. The hit was late. The hit was high. The hit was to the head and the hit was garbage.

After what Scott tried to pull with Phil Kessel during the preseason, there’s little doubt left as to why this guy is still in the league. He’s in the NHL to run stars and to try and get the Sabres “momentum” the good ol’ (stupid) fashioned way.

Unlike some of the plays we’ve seen earlier this season, Scott’ contact had nothing to do with the speed of the game because 1. Scott can barely skate and 2. Play wasn’t moving that quickly.

There is no reason that Scott shouldn’t get 10 games-plus at this point. Anything less than that will be an absolute joke. Not as big of a joke though as calling John Scott a hockey player. He is averaging less than five minutes a game and is currently on pace for 156 PIMs, 0 goals, 0 assists and a minus-33 rating.

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  • Loren Baldwin

    This guy is nothing but a thug and a goon. The puck was already at the blue line when Scott hit Erikkson in the head. This should be at least a 10 game suspension without pay and no appeal. Truth be told, he should be out of the game completely!

  • Ben Briggs

    I agree with the Loui Eriksson hit but when watching the maple leafs game the only thing I took away from that, is that Kessel is a bitch. Who takes two chops with the stick at the legs like that. Especially when Scott was engaged with one of the leafs fighters. It was all talk at the face off until Kessel raised his glove. Then when Scott did what he’s paid to do, Kessel backs out and lets his defense take over and that’s where it should have ended. I don’t think a guy like Scott should be in the game either, but in a lot of ways I think Kessel instigates, then runs away or takes cheap shots.