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Oct 12, 2013; Salt Lake City, UT, USA; Utah Utes kicker Andy Phillips (39) kicks a field goal as punter Tom Hackett (33) holds during the second half against the Stanford Cardinal at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Utah defeated Stanford 27-21. Mandatory Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah kicker Andy Phillips ready to bounce back after missed field goals

Sophomore Andy Phillips has been almost perfect in his first year of handling the kicking duties for the Utah Utes. I say “almost” because Phillips missed two kicks in Utah’s 35-24 loss to the Arizona Wildcats last weekend, but the young kicker’s confidence hasn’t been shaken.

Phillips spoke to The Salt Lake Tribune about the Arizona game, saying he doesn’t need to work on anything besides maintaining a short memory:

Naturally as a right-footed kicker you pull the ball to the left. So I haven’t made any huge adjustments because I don’t feel like I was kicking the ball poorly.


Like (punter) Tom Hackett says, you have to have the memory of a goldfish as a kicker. It’s so true because no matter what, if you make or miss a kick, you go into the next one with the same mentality. It’s what I have practiced and what I learned in skiing. For sure if you go into a ski race with no confidence because you blew out the first day or first run then you are done from the get go.

Phillips and the Utes, 4-3 on the year, will be on the road to take on the injury-decimated USC Trojans this weekend. We wish Phillips the best of luck, and we hope he’s able to approach the game with the zen-like confidence of a slaloming salmon (who have longer attention spans than goldfish, true, but it’s never wise to pass up an opportunity for alliteration).

[Source: The Salt Lake Tribune]

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