Jason Momoa and Radio Birds band manager Dustin in the midst of a slap fight. Photo Credit: Radio Birds

Jason Momoa and the Epic Slap Battle of Doom (Video)

Jason Momoa, you know…that guy that plays Khal Drogo in that little show Game of Thrones on HBO. Well, he was out on Atlanta the other night and somehow ended up in an epic slap battle of doom.

Who was the unwitting challenger? Poor, Dustin.

You see, Jason was in Atlanta filming a live performance for the band Radio Birds, and during a break the band’s manager Dustin unwittingly challenged the Conan the Barbarian actor to a slap battle.

Man, I haven’t seen one of these since I was 12 years old.

In any case, Jason was totally cool with it. He even let Dustin go first. Of course, Dustin misses on the first shot, thus opening the door for Momoa to unleash the fury on him.

Jason takes it easy on him at first. Of course, you have to let your opponent think that they’ve won. Then you go in for the kill.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.” Dustin laughingly says.

After laying down a few more solid slaps, Momoa finally gives in and clearly lets Dustin dodge one of his shots. What a bro.

Here is a look at the video courtesy of the Radio Birds YouTube page.

*Warning: There is explicit language within*

The 34 year old actor just completed work on a film called Road to Paloma where he plays a Native American man who is being pursued by the FBI after taking the law into his own hands after his mother is raped and killed on their reservation. Momoa directed the film as well as wrote it with Robert Mollohan and Jonny Hirschbein.

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