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UFC Fight Night 30 results: Jimi Manuwa edges Ryan Jimmo in awkward finish

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In a featured light-heavyweight bout at UFC Fight Night 30, heavy-handed Canadian Ryan Jimmo and undefeated England native Jimi Manuwa were set to face off in what was one of the most intriguing match ups of the night on paper.

The two men totaled three TKO or knockout finishes in five UFC appearances, so it was going to be interesting to see who’s hands and power would come out on top.

Jimmo immediately charged to the center of the octagon to put the pressure on Manuwa early. As I had expected in the preview for this fight, Jimmo didn’t want to let Manuwa find space so he was working the clinch game and keeping Manuwa up against the cage.

Unfortunately for Jimmo, the referee wasn’t having any of the lack of action and he separated them in hopes of breathing some life into the fight.

Manuwa was able to land some vicious knees to the legs of Jimmo, which forced the Canadian to have an obvious limp midway through the opening round and Manuwa continued delivering damage and going after the legs of Jimmo.

The first round lacked any real action, so it’s safe to say that there were no winners in that round — not even the fans.

In the second, Jimmo returned to his strategy of clinching up with Manuwa and pushing him up against the game as the fans began to rain down the boos thanks to neither fighter doing any work.

As soon as the fighters were separated once again, Manuwa got off some strong quicks that temporarily brought us all out of our comas as he began to pick up the pressure.

When the action re-booted, we got treated to more lackluster action, hugging and fighting against the fence. Action was brought to a halt again in the second round when Manuwa delivered what was believed to be a low blow.

After Jimmo’s man parts were feeling well enough to continue, he came towards Manuwa once again to clinch him up and *yawn* push him against the cage. If Jimmo was throwing punches while he had Manuwa against the cage, it would be fine, but Jimmo wasn’t even attempting to throw any punches.

Shortly after the two men went back into the center of the octagon, Jimmo was backing up when he bounced and then had an awkward leg injury that forced him to go down to the canvas in some sever pain as the doctor called a stop to the action.

It was a boring fight with a bizarre ending, but a win is a win and Manuwa remains unbeaten.


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