Eminem MMLP2 Album Leak: Will Marshall Mathers LP 2 release early?


We are a little over a week until the new album from Eminem, Marshall Mathers LP 2, is set to release, which has left many very anxious people scouring the Internet for a possible leak of the album.

While the easiest thing to do would be wait until the album is available on Nov. 5, some people just don’t want to be patient and they will jump on any link that claims to be the album leak.

This is where we need to all be careful.

There will be plenty of bogus links out there that just give your computer viruses or spyware, but isn’t that the risk you take of illegally downloading music?

The good news for those who are anxious is that there are some current rumblings that a leak is in the works and it could surface within the next 48 hours.

We don’t know much about the album and there have been some illegitimate sound bites that home come out, so we won’t know exactly how the new tracks will sound until the album leaks or we get some sneak peeks of the tracks when they are uploaded to iTunes for pre-order.

Here is the tracklist for MMLP2:

Will the album leak in the next week? Based on the trends with the recent albums that have been highly anticipated, chances are we will get something before the official launch. We will just have to wait for a legitimate leak to make it’s way to the internet to ensure our devices stay clean of anything that would stop us from hearing the music early.

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