Keith Yandle and Oliver Ekman-Larsson worth the price of admission for Phoenix Coyotes

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If Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Keith Yandle played for the Boston Bruins or Detroit Red Wings they’d be household names by now. They’d be voted into All-Star games and perhaps even garner some attention for individual trophies at the end of the season. They play for the Phoenix Coyotes though, which isn’t exactly a hockey hotbed like Winnipeg or Toronto.

In those towns, Larsson and Yandle would have keys to the city. They’d be given honorary titles as Sheriff and Deputy and allowed to run wild in the streets naked if they saw fit. In Phoenix though, the duo can barely generate enough interest to cause people to come out and watch the Coyotes play every night.

According to the official Coyotes website, you can get lower-bowl seats for $45 a pop. If you check out the website, a window will pop up after a few seconds, offering to connect you to a live person on the other end of the line. One of their key selling points to those who are even mildly in the hockey know should be the play of Yandle and Ekman-Larsson.

That’s a play that Yandle mast yesterday against the Edmonton Oilers (h/t to Reddit for the GIF). Incredible, right? It’s received some fanfare around the league, but could you imagine how bonkers everyone would have gone if it were Dion Phaneuf making a play like that? Or even Torey Krug?

Yandle and OEL are worth the cost of a ticket themselves right now. Not only should folks in Phoenix be flocking to see the pair play, but fans around the NHL should be taking notice as well. Shea Weber and Ryan Suter were the last power-pair on a blue line for one team.

These two are next.

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