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Pass or Fail: Calgary Flames new third jerseys revealed (Photos)

The Calgary Flames have revealed their brand new third jerseys (sweaters). Officially this time. Before, our only glimpses of the new threads were on NHL 14, which really doesn’t count. The Flames made their big unveiling today, and we must admit that the new sweaters look even better in real life than they do digitally.

Yeah. Those are going to be hot sellers in Calgary.

It seems to be a mix of the best that the new school and the old school of sweater design. You have “Calgary” scrolled across the chest in a slick cursive font, for starters. The city name taking center stage seems to be a common theme among alternate jerseys these days, and the Flames did themselves proud with this design.

They stuck the flaming C on there for good measure though, while the neck threads don’t seem forced or out of place at all. The highlight of the new look may be the sick shoulder patch though. Here’s a link to that image if you’re curious.

So what are your thoughts on the new sweaters? How do they stack up against what the boys are usually wearing out on the ice, and as a Calgary fan, do you have any interest in buying one?

Regardless of how you feel about these, at least the Flames have seemingly managed to avoid the outright fail category. See the infamous Buffalo slug for details on how not to make a jersey.

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