World Series 2013: Matt Carpenter videobombs Mike Matheny interview by zipping pants (GIF)

Oct 26, 2013; St. Louis, MO, USA; St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Matt Carpenter (13) rounds third base to score against the Boston Red Sox during the third inning of game three of the MLB baseball World Series at Busch Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Fox has this thing where we as viewers are supposed to be enthralled with getting an interview from Major League Baseball managers. It’s not just a World Series thing – the network does it during the regular season too, though, I’m pretty sure they’ve never got video bombed like they did tonight with millions watching.

The interviews with the managers are always taken between innings as the players are warming up. They’re not long – maybe a minute to a minute and a half if you’re lucky and they offer about as much insight as you’d get from falling asleep at your desk. Regardless, they continue to do them.

Most times they take place in the corner of a dugout (I guess to get away from extra noise) though at Busch Stadium, the stairway to the dugout is positioned towards the corner of the dugout. And the bathroom? It’s right off to the side, down the stairs.

Which, you now know considering Matt Carpenter just gone done in there while Mike Matheny was giving his interview.

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