Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Halloween Attire


We’re only one day away from one of the most the anticipated video game releases this year with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, the next entrant in the very popular stealth series from Ubisoft.

I’ve been very excited about the game once I learned that it was going to pirate themed and give players the ability to have fun on the high seas.

The game will have players living the dream of a pirate and commanding their own ship. There will be chances in the game to capture other ships and missions that take the character under water.

They also refined the combat system to make to you feel more like an assassin and a pirate.

The timing for the game is also perfect with Halloween right around the corner. The great people at have created some awesome costumes to celebrate the release of the game.

They have costumes available to purchase so that you or a group of friends can dress up as your favorite assassin from the series.

This is an infographic that shows how the style of attire has evolved over time.

The costumes look real and authentic to make you feel that you stepped right into the game as your favorite assassin.

The costumes combined with the game that is set to release soon gives people plenty of options to live out their dreams.

I will leave you with the launch trailer for the game and let me know your thoughts on the costumes.









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