Oct 11, 2013; Newark, DE, USA; Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger (7) passes the ball during the third quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at Bob Carpenter Sports Convocation Center. The Sixers defeated the Celtics 97-85. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Domestic charges against Jared Sullinger have been dropped

The Celtics are in for a lot of bad news this season, but they got some good news on Monday.

Jared Sullinger won’t be facing any legal issues, as the domestic violence case brought against him has been dropped. Sullinger got in a fight with his girlfriend back in August, and he was arrested for the incident. His girlfriend wanted the case dropped, and she got her wish, according to Masslive.com:

Smith has repeatedly asked that the charges be dropped, and it was her refusal to testify against Sullinger that ultimately led to the case’s conclusion. Through her attorney, Smith informed the Middlesex District Attorney Marian T. Ryan’s office that she would exercise her Fifth Amendment rights if called as a witness.

This is really none of our business, except for the part about the case being dropped. Sullinger had a nice rookie season last year, but he has to prove he can stay healthy. The Celtics may have a future good player in Sullinger, so let’s hope he can stay out of trouble as well.


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