Eminem ft Rihanna- The Monster hear it here (Audio)

Eminem’s album titled the Marshall Mathers LP 2 is a little over a week away. Eminem has already released videos for the songs Berzerk and Survival and the audio for Rap God. The album hasn’t leaked yet, which is a good sign, but anticipation is building.

Eminem fans are scouring the internet and keeping track of rumors. There were some reports that stores in Asian markets have received the album already and that a leak can be expected at any time, but it hasn’t occurred yet.

In the mean time, Eminem has released another song off his upcoming album called “The Monster” which features Rihanna. They’ve previously collaborated on the song “Love The Way You Lie” on Eminem’s Recovery album.

Track listing:

  1. Bad Guy
  2. Parking Lot (Skit)
  3. Rhyme or Reason
  4. So Much Better
  5. Survival
  6. Legacy
  7. Asshole ft. Skylar Grey
  8. Berzerk
  9. Rap God
  10. Brainless
  11. Stronger Than I Was
  12. The Monster ft. Rihanna
  13. So Far…
  14. Love Game ft. Kendrick Lamar
  15. Headlights ft. Nate Ruess
  16. Evil Twin
  17. Baby (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  18. Desperation ft. Jamie N Commons (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  19. Groundhog Day (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  20. Beautiful Pain ft. Sia (Bonus track on deluxe edition)
  21. Wicked Ways (Bonus track on deluxe edition)

The album was produced by Dr. Dre and Rick Rubin.

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