Google building mysterious floating structure; shop for Google Glass?

You can always count on the fine folks at Google to come up with some revolutionary and incredible objects, but their latest endeavor could be one of their most ambitious. According to reports, Google is behind the mysterious, windowless floating construction that is taking place on the San Francisco Bay.

One report believes the building could be used as a data center to harness wave energy — that sounds like something Google would be up to — but there is another that says it is just going to be a cool little shop for people to come pick up their products.

According to San Francisco CBS affiliate KPIX 5, Google’s latest project could be “a floating marketing center, a kind of giant Apple store, if you will — but for Google Glass”

There is one problem, however, the mysterious structure needs to get it’s building permit so construction has been put on hold.

“Google has spent millions on this,” a source told KPIX 5. “But they can’t park this barge on the waterfront without a permit, and they don’t have one.”

If Google clears up their plans for the shop a little more — data center or floating shop? — they could obtain the permit and continue building on the San Francisco Bay. Until then, we will continue to wonder what the research giant is up to.

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