King Mo on Emanuel Newton: ‘He knows he was lucky, he knows the deal’

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Credit, Will Fox,

Credit, Will Fox,

This Saturday night, November 2nd, Bellator 106 is live and free on Spike. The card was originally slated to be Bellator’s first pay-per-view event, but a serious neck injury to Tito Ortiz scrapped the scheduled main event alongside Rampage Jackson. Bellator decided to move the rest of the incredibly stacked card to Spike TV for free.

This event is as stacked a Bellator card as we have ever seen. One of the many great fights on the card is the battle between King Mo and Emanuel Newton in their highly anticipated rematch. The men first met back at Bellator 90, where Emanuel Newton uncorked a ferocious spinning backfist that sent King Mo crashing to the mat. Newton’s KO victory was one of the most shocking upsets of the year. Since then, King Mo has had a personal mission to erase his lost to Newton, and he gets his chance this Saturday night.

I had the opportunity to speak with King Mo regarding his upcoming fight, the Atila Vegh injury situation, spinning techniques, and much more.

Rematch against Emanuel Newton

I just need to fight smart. The last fight he got lucky. It’s not like he went out there and whooped my ass for 3 rounds. I out landed him and was landing the bigger shots, but he just landed the one big shot that mattered. He landed a spinning back fist while running away. Other than that, I controlled him. I am going to put in work Saturday night. Ya’ll will see.

His confidence level

I am just as confident as last time. The loss was definitely effecting me, but I am not worried. I am just going to beat him, put that belt on my waist, cash my check, and go home. Then I will move on to other things, like fighting Atila Vegh.

The spinning back fist

When I said spinning s**t was feminine, people just took that whole quote the wrong way. I just meant the way he threw it, he threw it out of fear. He was like Scooby Doo and Shaggy running away from a monster. I mean after he landed the backfist, he was looking for the choke. Who the hell does that? Can you imagine Fedor or Igor Vovchanchyn knocking people out and going for a rear naked choke?! When you know what you are doing, when you know it landed, you walk away with your hands up. He knows he was lucky, he knows the deal.

Real animosity or just promotion?

He was talking s**t about me first, saying I was acting all cocky and this and that. I never wanted to say one thing about him because Antonio McKee trained him. I respect Antonio McKee a lot; he taught me a lot in this game. He is one of the people I look up to as a fighter. When I first saw that I was fighting Newton I wasn’t going to start anything because I saw Antonio trained him. My mindset was if he wins he wins, but I am looking to beat him. That is all I said. Then Newton comes out afterwards saying I was acting all cocky and didn’t train hard for the fight. Hell no, he just got lucky. I trained hard for that fight. I train hard for every fight. That pissed me off, and it’s where all my s**t talking started.

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