What Marilyn Manson said about The Walking Dead on The Talking Dead

The one and only Marilyn Manson made an appearance on The Talking Dead following the latest episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday night. When you combine Manson with The Walking Dead, you know you are in for some interesting moments, and Manson’s appearance definitely led to one of the most bizarre blocks of television that we recall ever seeing.

Here are some of the highlights of the wacky things Manson said on The Talking Deadtranscibed by ComicBook.com:

Manson on zombie defecation and censorship.
Marilyn Manson: According to your theory, which I’ve heard previously, that they don’t defecate. If they poop it would smell a lot like my bathroom.”
Chris Hardwick: I get that question all the time with Twitter people. Do zombies poop? Number one I don’t write the show. Number two is his microphone down?
Marilyn Manson: You put my mic out. You’re trying to censor me.

Manson on zombies eating probiotics.
Gale Anne Hurd: You want the walkers to eat probiotics?
Marilyn Manson: No, I’m just saying she looks like Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s like the salt and pepper hair. It made me think of Activia.

Manson on having no friends.
Marilyn Manson: The zombie herd gave me the fidgets. It was almost like the first season when you see a lot of them and then you think I should not have meddled with that first one. It’s kind of like when you’re at a club and you start a fight with some guy. And you think that you’re tough, you take your jacket off, and I’ve been to jail type of thing. And you haven’t been to jail. And then his friends show up. And you have no friends.
Chris Hardwick: That story makes me sad, but at least I could follow it.
Marilyn Manson: You told me that story right before the show.
Chris Hardwick: I didn’t tell you that story. Which story?
Marilyn Manson: That you got in a fight, and you had no friends.
Chris Hardwick: Oh yeah, I had no friends. I did tell you that story. Yeah, come back and join us Manson.

Manson on how the zombie apocalypse is like the Columbus discovering America.
Marilyn Manson: The Governor had strict rules, whether they were good or not. You know, it’s our opinion, morally or just questionably. Just Rick didn’t have any hardcore rules, until now he’s started with those three questions. So Rick is kind of realizing politics need to be involved. It’s almost starting a new world. It’s like when people came to America and killed all the Indians. It’s the zombies.
Chris Hardwick: No, it’s not like that at all.

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  • Milkshake Man

    You forgot his best comedic line, “Walking Dead proves that television is better than cinema.” With a jaunty little,”Give it up!” thrown in. And the zombified fans go wild. I still chuckle at that.

    Also, “We have twisted people working at Walking Dead.”
    MM (off camera) , “Really? Wow.”

    Call him what you will, even faced he’s more entertaining than Hardwick, Osbourne and that other.

    • DingDongDaddy

      Yeah, I think 1/2 of what he said was just blather, 1/4 snide sarcasm (which I like, esp when directed at a blockbuster show and surronded by breathless fanboy types) and 1/4 genuine interesting, if completely implausible theory. It’s the GD WD, after all. A show with plot holes big enough to tumble a John Deere tractor though without tuching the sides.

      Plot holes, which are never brought up (and therefore never solved) on Talking Dead..

  • DingDongDaddy

    I think Manson’s actions just polarize the audience. People who like something different, even if it means vast stretches of minutes where you haven’t a clue wtf he’s talking about (but are sometimes rewarded with a totally unique angle), and those who like pseudo-intellectual banter that builds to a crescendo of fangasm over how awesome WD is on oh so many levels, that we just don’t have time to get into now heres a Hyundai commercial. I really rather doubt whether Manson cares one way or the other…TG.

  • asdasf

    best appearance ever lol