McKayla Maroney debuted her 'not impressed' face on the podium at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, but it turns out she has been rocking the look since the young age of 8. Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

McKayla Maroney not impressed face first appeared in 2004 (Video)

United States gymnast McKayla Maroney became one of the stars of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and an instant Internet star thanks to one facial expression that she made on the podium while accepting a silver medal.

Maroney, who was a key member of the “Fierce Five” in London, pursed her lips and shifted them off to the side to show the world that she was clearly not happy with the results — even though she was the second best at her discipline in the entire world.

This sparked the “not impressed meme,” but as it turns out, the face first appeared long before the world knew who Maroney was.

Over the weekend, Maroney’s childhood friend Charlotte Drury, who is also a trampoline star, was going through old footage from 2004. Maroney was just eight years old at the time, but it appears she was already preparing to be a star.

It’s pretty hilarious to see a young, well younger, Maroney making the same face that lit the Internet on fire, so check out the video below:

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