WWE Raw results: The Real Americans vs The Rhodes Brothers


Last night the Rhodes brothers were able to retain their tag team titles in a triple threat match against The Usos and The Shield.

It doesn’t make sense why The Real Americans are in line to take on the tag team champions. It’s obviously not for the titles, but you would think The Usos would go up against them considering The Real Americans lost to Los Matadores.

It’s great seeing Goldust back in action, especially with his little brother Cody.

Cesaro took control of the match for a couple minutes but Goldust was able to tag in his little brother as momentum swung in their favor.

Cody hits a front face suplex and tags in his brother. Goldust hits a running bulldog on Antonio, covers him and picks up only a two count.

Goldust tags in Cody once again and the younger Rhodes brother hits a springboard drop kick to take control of the match again. It sends Swagger flying out of the ring as both Cesaro and Swagger attempt to regroup.

The action comes back with Cody taking it to Swagger until he gets caught with a clothesline then a belly to belly suplex. Cesaro gets tagged in, he picks Cody up and hits a gut wrench suplex.

As the match continued on, it looked like the Rhodes brothers were in total control and set to pick up a victory.

Until Cesaro tossed Cody outside the ring, then was knocked outside the ring by Goldust who got his leg taken out from under him by Swagger.

Swagger locked in his Freedom Lock ankle lock and Goldust had no choice but to tap out.

WINNER: The Real Americans

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